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Allude is the generic name of a narcotic that has a “recreational” effect similar to that of Quaaludes or, at least, that’s what allude dealers tell their customers.

In truth, alludes are nothing more than a mixture of saltpeter, icing sugar and a binding agent compacted into pill form. The best allude dealers can, just through the power of suggestion, induce a feeling of euphoria in their customers when the customers take alludes. What’s more, again solely through the power of suggestion, allude dealers are able to get their customers addicted to alludes, despite the pills being essentially inactive, as are many allude-users.

Allude dealers that aren’t good at verbally inducing euphoria lose customers to better dealers because customers are convinced that the lesser dealers are selling them inferior pills, despite the lack of any difference between the tablets.

Alludes are, thus, in essence, placebos gone psychedelic.

Because dealers can obtain alludes much more cheaply than Quaaludes, recreational-allude dealers generally enjoy significantly higher profit margins than recreational-Quaalude dealers. In addition, the allude dealers don’t take the risk of getting thrown in jail for drug dealing. Allude dealing is, therefore, a win-win option for “drug” dealers.

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