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Alms house, which is short for “alpha lambda mu sigma house,” is a fraternity and a sorority that exists on pretty well every university campus. Having both a fraternity and a sorority named alms house can get confusing, but the contribution of alms houses to university life is considered to be so crucial that discrimination against one sex or the other by having an alms fraternity or an alms sorority, but not the other, would be unthinkable.

Having alms houses is so fundamental to the university ethos that their existence, or lack thereof, is probably one of the best and easiest ways of distinguishing between a legitimate institute of higher learning and a fly-by-night, degree-for-sale, fraudulent “university.” If you are looking for the latter, you will probably have to forfeit the alms house fraternity/sorority experience as part of the cost of getting your “degree.”

Alms houses have three characteristics that, combined, set them apart from most, or at least a few, other fraternities and sororities.

First, alms houses maintain strict academic standards. Anyone who achieves higher than a C average is thrown out of the fraternity or sorority. They are not let back into the alms house until they are able to lower their grades.

Second, alms houses offer their members an all-you-can-drink meal plan that includes only alcohol. (Some also include marijuana and narcotics on the meal plan, but that is not a requirement for alms houses.)

And, third, alms houses charge their members exceptionally high dues. This is because alms houses give their members free health insurance. The insurance covers only the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, but the cost of this insurance is very steep because of the poor experience ratings assigned to alms houses by insurance companies.

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