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The word Alpine means “of or related to someone named Alp.” (Note the capitalization. This differs from the world alpine; see alpine.)

The upper-cased word Alpine was coined by a man named Alp Schmerdly, who lived in Switzerland in the 1900s. Alp was such a rare first name that he, rightly or wrongly, believed that he was the only person to ever have it.

Alp was renowned for being one of the most narcissistic people on the planet during his time. He would probably also be the most narcissistic person alive today (and that’s saying a lot) if he were, indeed, still alive. He’s not.

Alp believed that, not only did the world revolve around him, but it was all about him. And, when we say “all” we mean life, the universe and everything, as Douglas Adams would no doubt have said if he spoke at all of Alp.

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