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When used to describe a group, alright, an adjective, means that everyone in that group is, overall, at least somewhat, and usually extremely, to the right of centre politically. When used to describe an individual, alright means that every one of that individual’s political views, no matter what the subject area, is right of centre and usually so far right that he or she would have embarrassed even Ayn Rand.

If you are right-wing in your political views, you probably consider alright to be synonymous with brilliant or possibly heroic. You likely venerate alright people and groups.

If, on the other hand, you are politically left-wing, you probably consider alright to be synonymous with idiotic or possibly barbaric. You likely revile alright people and groups.

If you are politically balanced, you probably consider alright to be merely a nonjudgemental adjective that simply categorizes a person’s or group’s political views, without either condemning or commending that stance. You’re likely out with friends enjoying yourself. And, when you discuss politics, you try to do so rationally rather than ideologically.

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