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Alsatian was the god of a now extinct people known as the Xsdauryz. The Xsdauryz have long since died out due to a quirk of tectonics. Two tectonic plates folded together and pushed their island to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Its remnants have never been found down there.

The Xsdauryz have never been researched or discussed by historians or anthropologists—and they still aren’t and probably never will be—because nobody knew how to pronounce the name of their tribe and, out of a fear that their colleagues would consider them to be buffoons if they mispronounced it, everyone was far too self-conscious to even try. Consequently, the Xsdauryz people have been largely forgotten.

Alsatian was a merciful god who was always completely satisfied with Her creations (which the Xsdauryz believed to be all living things and a few of the inanimate objects) and their actions. After all, She, a god, created them, so how could She not be completely satisfied with them?

The facts that Her expectations of her creations were always fully fulfilled and, as a consequence, she lived a fully satisfied life (if you can call a god’s eternal existence a life) was the basis for Alsatian’s name, which was derived from “Always Sated.” The “ian” at the end was just something that the Xsdauryz people added because they thought it made the name sound more godly.

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