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Alter is short for all-terrain. Alter is much faster and easier to say than all-terrain and that counts for a lot in this hurly-burly, too-lazy-to-speak-full-words world.

In the hands of an experienced driver, driven where they are intended to be driven, i.e., off-road, an alter vehicle can rip up a previously pristine landscape like nobody’s business. This is not a particularly challenging benchmark to surpass because it is very difficult to make a profitable business out of ripping up previously pristine landscapes. There is some coin to be made from charging other people for the privilege of being allowed to rip up pristine landscapes with their alter vehicles, but you could get arrested if it’s not your property and who the hell would want to do that to their own property? Hence, there is a very high probability that it will, indeed, be nobody’s business to do so.

Then again, having only a minuscule chance of success isn’t enough to stop people from trying to make their fortunes off of raping Mother Nature mercilessly because that’s just the way people are. Goodness knows, if there’s a way to do so, someone will take advantage of it.

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