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alternating current

Alternating current is a space-time phenomenon that physicists hate to talk about because a) they don’t understand it in the least and b) its consequences frighten the hell out of them. When an alternating current phenomenon occurs, time switches backward and forward for several iterations, repeatedly making the current moment the past—and the future the current—at different “times.”

It’s impossible to say if this happens frequently because, during an alternating current, time becomes pretty well meaningless. When the current moment flips into what would otherwise have been the past, the alternating current phenomenon hasn’t happened yet, but will. When it flips into the future it could have happened quite a while ago. If that’s not confusing enough for you then you have an infinite capacity for confusing.

Physicists hate alternating current phenomena because while they are discussing and trying to understand them the physicists can cease to exist for a while, or possibly be forced to restart their conversations from the beginning over and over again.

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