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There is no historical or current record of there ever being any organization that was or is formally known as “Aztec Movement.” And, because the Aztec civilization pretty much came to an end some time after the Spanish conquered the area of Mexico where the Aztecs lived in the sixteenth century, there may never be an organization formally known as “Aztec Movement” other than possibly as a satirical condemnation of the subjugation and/or elimination of indigenous people. (Come to think of it, maybe someone will want to use that name.)

Nevertheless, a group of Mexicans with indigenous roots thought that the initials “AM” were too cool to let anyone else own them, so they laid claim to AM in case someone should decide to start an Aztec Movement organization in the future.

An interesting aside: This group intended to use “always be prepared” as its motto, but an extensive web search, backed up by an expensive report that the group commissioned a large group of trademark lawyers to write, revealed that slogan was already taken by the Boy Scouts.

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