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Amanuensis is the state of being a male dinosaur, but not literally. Basically, if you are suffering from amanuensis your views on women’s place in society have been in stasis for at least 150 years, which is quite a feat seeing as though no currently living amanuensis sufferers have been alive that long.

Symptoms of amanuensis include the belief that:

  • A woman’s place is in the home, preferably with a mop in hand when she isn’t cooking, doing laundry or diapering the children (preferably infants).
  • Women should not earn as much as men when doing work of equal value because men are and must be the principal breadwinners so they should be paid more. Duh.
  • Women should stay barefoot and pregnant. (Of course, getting pregnant typically imvolves removing more than her shoes, something she should do whenever a man wants her to.)
  • Women who show cleavage and/or wear short skirts are asking for it and deserve it. And you know what “it” is so don’t look so innocent.

Women can also suffer from amanuensis, but then it’s usually referred to as either self-loathing or brainwashing victimhood.

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