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To amber (verb), means to walk around as if one leg is considerably longer than the other. It can also, alternatively, mean to walk around as if one leg is considerably shorter than the other, but you probably figured that out all on your own. Aren’t you just so clever?

Ambering can be a result of inebriation, being entered in a Monty Python Silly Walk contest, having one leg considerably longer than the other, or, obviously, having one leg considerably shorter than the other.

Someone who is ambering will tend to walk in a circle if he or she doesn’t take corrective action to ensure that the best-fit line through his or her possibly zig-zagging path is more or less a straight line. Walking in a circle has the advantage of ensuring that amberrers never get lost because, even if they are not concentrating on where they are going they will always end up back where they started.

That having been said, depending on the radius of the circle they are walking (which is governed by the amount by which one leg is shorter than the other) it might take them a long time to get back to their starting point. This is particularly true if their ambering is a result of drunkenness, which will likely also cause them to fall down a lot while attempting to walk.

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