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Ameba (verb) means to dance the dance of the single-celled animal. Unlike the graceful flow of most ballets, the spirited, some would say erotic style of flamenco or tango, or the elegant sashays of the waltz, when one amebas, one simply goes with the flow and lets one’s body simply move as if it is disconnected from one’s brain. The music playing while one is amebaing is mostly irrelevant.

It is very difficult to distinguish between amebaing and attempting to dance while absolutely shit-faced drunk, except that there tends to be somewhat less falling down involved when one is amebaing.

If you are amebaing while your dance partner is doing a dance that is more recognizable as a dance than, say, just moving around like a rhythmless nincompoop, don’t expect to get laid that night. Likewise, if you are attempting to dance while absolutely shit-faced drunk don’t expect to get laid that night in that case either unless your dance partner is also shit-faced drunk and, preferably, absolutely shit-faced drunk. Then again, stranger things have happened, so the best of luck to you.

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