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To ameliorate (verb) is to rate a person, place or company named Amelio. There are shockingly few ameliorators in this world considering how many people, places and companies are named Amelio, which, admittedly, is not all that many.

How the hell are we expected to know which of the few Amelios in this world we should expend our energies being friends with or, in the case of entertainers named Amelio, which we should pay good money to see? More ameliorators would be a tremendous help in this regard.

And that’s to say nothing of places named Amelio. None of us has unlimited time or dollars to expend on our vacations. Thus, rating towns named Amelio for their tourism value would provide a great service to the travelling public. However, due to the dire shortage of ameliorators, that’s just not happening. It’s a global disgrace!

And then there are the companies named Amelio. Should you buy their products? How are we supposed to know without sufficient unbiased ameliorators out there? The answer is, we can’t know. Governmental consumer protection agencies definitely need to do something to alleviate this dire shortage.

Making the matter worse, some ameliorators are so poorly paid that many of them moonlight by also rating people, places and companies named Amelia, thereby reducing the time they can devote to their Amelio-rating duties. We all need to rise up in protest to get this problem resolved!

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