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An amendment (noun) is an end to a public or private, personal or business event that occurs in the morning. Amendments are usually extremely unpopular with night owls because, if the event ends in the morning, it means that they have to get up early to catch the start of it. For some people, what is even worse is that events with an amendment rarely serve alcohol.

Then again, there are people who, for some strange reason, like to get an early start to the day. They are called early birds or crazy people. Early birds or crazy people often prefer amendments to pmendments because they can stick around to the end of the event, have lunch before noon (preferably well before noon), have dinner before 5:00 pm and get to sleep by 8:30 pm.

Note: If you need to call The Words Project for support, don’t bother calling before 10:30 or 11:00 am. It’s rare for any of us to make it into the office before then. In fact, even at 11:00, you’re still pressing your luck if you expect to find anyone here.

In addition, it goes without saying that if you’d like us to attend any of your silly events, don’t even think about scheduling any amendments.

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