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The noun amenity is derived from three words: a, as in the indefinite article a; men as in more than one male human; and ity.

Ity is the only one of the three words that amenity is comprised of that is a derivative of the base word rather than exactly the base word. Ity is derived from itty, as in itty bitty.

Thus, amenity is the condition of have a small male member or, for the benefit of porn-hunting surfers coming from search engines, penis. Unless you have your email spam filter cranked way up to highest level, you have probably received several offers over the years for products that can help you with your small-penis problem. So, if you still suffer from amenity, why? It’s not as if these lotions and potions don’t actually work, is it?

Or, maybe it is as if they don’t work. How the hell would we know? We took a poll and found that the men at The Words Project are all within the generally accepted comfort range in that area. Honest. Just don’t ask our lovers.

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