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Amir (verb) means “visit and/or live aboard the Russian space station Mir.”

This verb is generally used only in the past tense (amirred) these days because, after being decommissioned largely due to a lack of funds, back in 2001, Mir was intentionally brought out of orbit and it broke up and partially disintegrated, with its unbroken bits crashing harmlessly into the South Pacific Ocean. (Harmlessly for humans, that is. There were likely some sea life that were more than a little perturbed about it as they saw their lives flash before their eyes when some of Mir crashed into them.)

Examples of the use of the verb amir would include, “Valeri Polyakov set a record for the longest single human space flight when he amirred for 437 days and 18 hours between 1994 and 1995. How the hell did he stay sane after all of that amirring? Come to think of it, did he stay sane after all of that amirring?”

Anyone who valiantly tries to amir today will die a horrible death because when they step out of their space vehicle and into the Mir space station they will find themselves in empty space rather than in Mir. A moment of Googling would have been all that was necessary to save his or her life.

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