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Ammo is the sound one makes when one is in a state of total bliss and desiring of more of the same. Pronounced “ahhhh-moe,” when one involuntarily makes this sound due to the pure joy one is feeling, one is generally so blissed out that one is unable to finish saying the word “more” before one drifts off into a trance-like state.

Although not strictly semantically correct, the state one is in when involuntarily sighs “ammo” is often referred to as an ammo state. Through common usage, this use of ammo to name the state in addition to the sound has come to be generally accepted as correct. Then again, far too many people are only one step above illiterate, so you might want to take that into consideration.

The first paragraph of this entry suggests that the state of ammo is something that one should actively seek because one would really, really love achieving it. However, despite all of this talk about one, it should also be noted that two can find ammo as well. However, depending on their sexes and sexual orientation, when two simultaneously experience ammo it often leads to sexual arousal which can take things in an entirely different direction.

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