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Ammonium (noun) is an antonym of pandemonium. While pandemonium is wild and noisy disorder, ammonium is peace and orderly quiet.

After parties where there was pandemonium, fun- and adventure-seekers are likely to say something to the effect of, “Wow, that was a lot of fun in a totally wild and crazy way.” Although, they are likely to say it using much cooler words and phraseology. After parties where there was ammonium, people are likely to say nothing and quickly fall asleep.

Parties that turn to pandemonium are likely to attract the attention of police. Parties that turn to ammonium are likely to attract the attention of stray docile cats looking for a dish of warm milk.

In short, unless boredom is your favorite emotion, pandemonium is usually more fun than ammonium, but ammonium is less likely to result your arrest.

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