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Amnesia is an antacid and laxative all in one formulation. It is used by gods that have either consumed too much ambrosia or consumed some of a bad batch of ambrosia, giving the gods a bad case of stomach upset.

Generally sold to gods in liquid form, it is said that amnesia will cure a deity’s upset stomach in less than 15 minutes. However, many think this claim is merely overblown, or possibly completely false, marketing hype. Those who hold this view believe that there is a conspiracy among the gods to not admit to having been hoodwinked by the amnesia purveyors’ claims. Thus, according to the conspiracy theorists, the gods don’t dispute the claims despite gaining no relief, let alone relief in 15 minutes, from taking amnesia.

All of this is, to say, that amnesia was an antidote for too much and/or bad ambrosia before the gods forfeited the use of the word ambrosia due to disuse. Now that ambrosia no longer means the food of the gods, but rather “to try, but fail to grow roses” (see ambrosia), the word amnesia has become all but meaningless other than as a historical artifact. You can pretty much forget about it. So, feel free to ignore this entry. Sorry to have wasted your time.

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