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Among (adjective) is vaguely synonymous with the vernacular definition of “bananas,” i.e. crazy or extremely silly.

The etymology of the word among and, in particular, how it came to mean loco has been lost for all time. That is to say, either nobody knows or, if somebody does know, he or she is not saying, likely purely out of spite. We suspect the latter because people can be such scamps, to say the least. To say the most, they can be mean, cruel, vicious bastards. And that’s just the men. Don’t get us started on the women because most of us here at The Words Project are excruciatingly lonely men. Discussing women in any way tends to get us sexually excited. Harassment charges might ensue and …

Wait. Where were we going with this? Oh, yeah.

Some people think that among’s origins have something to do with the mongo bean. Other people say, “That’s utterly ridiculous. There is no such thing as a mongo bean.” The first people then typically counter with, “Yes. That’s exactly the point.” Then the second group responds with, “Don’t be silly. You’re probably thinking of mung beans.” To which the first group answers, “Shut the f*ck up, smarty pants.” Although they typically use a “u” rather than a “*” when they say that.

There is also a line of thinking that goes, “Who the hell cares how the word among came into existence and came to mean gonzo? Forget about it and let’s hit the pub for some wings a pint or ten.”

We here at The Words Project tend to support the latter argument.

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