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To amortize (verb) means to perform a particular type of performance art, although the performance is often impromptu and uncalled for. Amortizing the opposite of strip teasing or, as is more commonly called, “stripping” or “exotic dancing.”

When amortizing, the amortizer starts off naked and slowly puts on clothes, usually to the accompaniment of catcalls from the audience. The amortizer generally puts on one item of clothing at a time

The unpremeditated audience is often appalled by the the nudity, which, for it to qualify as amortizing, they have stumbled upon when, for example, strolling in a park, camping in a public campground or picking their kids up from school. Hence the boisterous calls for the amortizer to “put it on; put it on.”

In many jurisdictions, amortizing in public is illegal. Not the amortizing itself or the end state, you understand, but rather the starting state.

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