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AMP stands for Alternate Metaphysics Person. Basically, it’s a substitute philosopher who specializes in the area of metaphysics. 

If the person you normally consult with about metaphysics is temporarily unavailable, possibly due to a vacation or illness, you turn to an AMP until your primary metaphysics person returns to work. If your metaphysics adviser is permanently unavailable due to, say, death, the replacement metaphysics person you hire is not called an AMP, but rather a Replacement Metaphysics Person (RMP). The RMP retains that title for four months, after which time he or she is known simply as your Metaphysics Person (MP).

This system of AMPs and RMPs to fill in for MPs when necessary is critical to ensure that you—and not just you, but everyone—are never without someone to consult on any important questions about the first principles of, as the late Douglas Adams might have said, life, the universe and everything that might arise in your daily, weekly or annual life. For any questions that span beyond your annual life, you would be well advised to seek the help of a team of MPs and, possibly, involve specialists in other areas of philosophy as well.

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