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An ampere (noun) is a group of states and/or countries with a single supreme authority. However, that, alone, doesn’t qualify it as an ampere. To qualify as an ampere that group of states and/or countries must have a unified economy that is supported primarily through the generation of electricity. It doesn’t matter how that electricity is generated. Countries with insufficient flowing water can produce it via nuclear, coal, gas or any other means, such as gerbils running in wheels attached to generators.

The head of state of an ampere is known as the amperor.

An ampere collectively has an excess of electricity generated relative to its internal needs. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all states or countries within the ampere each individually generate more electricity than they need. It means only that the net generation for the entire ampere is greater than the total needs of the entire ampere.

The excess electricity that the ampere generates is sold to neighbouring countries or empires. These sales often comprise the bulk of the ampere’s exports.

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