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The amuck (noun) is the currency of Rampagia, a small, little-known island country well off the east coast of Africa.

There is no official or unofficial exchange rate between the amuck and the U.S. dollar, or any other currency for that matter. This is because Rapmagians do not engage in foreign trade, at all. In addition, no foreign tourists visit Rampagia because, beyond being rustic, Rampagia is downright primitive. There is, for example, not a single Starbucks. Why would anyone go there? What’s more, based on the few, possibly faulty reports about the Rampagians that have surfaced over the years, they are said to be a wild and reckless people, so you are best to steer clear of them unless you have good, fully paid-up medical and life insurance.

In addition to not engaging in foreign trade or welcoming tourists, Rampagians do not travel off their island because, being unable to see any other land with the naked eye, and not being advanced enough to have telescopes or other magnifying devices, they think the world is flat and circular, ending just beyond the horizon in all directions. Rampagians have taken to worshipping ships and planes because the only explanation for the occasional presence of them within their sight that Rampagians can come up with is that those beasts must be gods.

Thus, because Rampagians neither buy nor sell anything from anyone off-island, and because Rampagians don’t travel and, therefore, don’t have to buy anything in foreign lands, and because no one ever travels to Rampagian and, therefore, don’t have to purchase anything there, nobody wants to waste their time coming up with an exchange rate that will never be used.

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