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Amulet is a verb meaning “to lease out an amusement park.”

When the company that owns an amusement park is losing money on it and can no longer afford to keep it going may, rather than tearing it down and selling the land, it may try to find another company that thinks it can make a go of it. If the current owner wants to retain ownership of the property, it will amulet the amusement to the other company rather than selling it outright. That other company will then pay the owner rent in return for the right to use the property and the right to run the amusement park and earn revenue from it.

Amulet can be a confusing word. Regardless of whether you are the owner or the one that will pay rent and run the amusement park, it is still proper to say that you are amuletting the it. Thus, if you said, “Mega Witless Corp amulet Hell’s Half Acre and Then Some Theme Park,” it would not be clear whether Mega Witless Corp is the owner of the property or the one that will be running it and paying rent on it.

Making it a little clearer, the owner is referred to as the amuletter and the person or corporation that will be paying rent to occupy and run the amusement park is referred to as the amulettee.

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