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amusement arcade

An amusement arcade (noun phrase) is a place where you can go to receive the services of a muse. However, unlike common street muses, who sell their artistic inspiration services to any on all takers, in an amusement arcade you have to win a muse’s services. (see amusement)

In an amusement arcade you play games that require that you first put some coins (or, in high-end amusement arcades, bills) in a slot in a machine or in a pile on a table. You then play the associated game and, if you win, you get the services of the muse “for free.” The muse earns her keep from the money put in the slot or in the pile. They house usually takes a percentage to pay for the costs of the games and the facility.

How much inspiration the muse will give you depends on the skill level of the game and, if it’s a points-based game, how many points you rack up.

In some countries, provinces, states or cities, muses aren’t allowed to provide their services in this way unless the games are games of skill rather than games of chance. Even in those places, the government might own and retain a monopoly on amusement arcades that do offer legal games of chance with muses’ services as prizes.

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