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amusement park

An amusement park (noun phrase) is a park-like setting, typically including lots of grass, trees, shrubs, flowers and babbling brooks (although the babbling is optional) where muses can go to sell their services without the risks inherent in selling their services on the streets. (see amusement)

That having been said, security levels vary at different amusement parks. In some, anyone is free to come and go as they please. At those parks, muses risk encountering psychotic artists who come seeking inspiration from a muse but, rather than bargaining peacefully, seek to extract the service of a muse through violent means.

Other amusement parks have very strict security. Before someone is allowed into the park a security detail does a thorough background check on the individual to ensure that he or she is, indeed, an artist of some sort—typically restricted visual, theatre, musical and literary artists. The security detail also checks to ensure that the person does not have a record of violent crime. The park may also require a psychiatric examination before the person is allowed in. Muses at these sorts of parks tend to not make a lot of money because few customers want to go through the hassle of trying to get into the amusement park.

Most muses who work in amusement parks rather than on the street or in amusement arcades (see amusement arcade) choose parks that fall somewhere between these extremes, i.e., parks that offer some security, but not so much as to discourage legitimate prospective customers from visiting the parks and seeking out their muse services.

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