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Anaconda (adjective) means “condiment-like.” This is a tricky word to understand and use properly because, you might ask, how can something be like a condiment, but not be a condiment?

Come off it! Get real! Why the hell would you ask such a stupid question? Of course something can look or act like a condiment without actually being something that would be classified as a condiment. Stop being so unimaginative.

A few examples are probably the best way to illustrate the meaning and proper use of the adjective anaconda. The following are just two such examples:

“That is a very anaconda steak,” would mean that, rather than being served on a plate whole and eaten as steak normally would be eaten, the steak was ground up and placed on top of some other food to add flavour to that other food.

“He (or she) exhibited a very anaconda behaviour,” would mean that the person in question threw himself or herself down top of some food and expected to be eaten. Come up with your own conclusions as to what “eaten” means in this context. This is a family-oriented site.

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