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Anaesthetic is an adjective that means “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty while in a sleep state.” For example, if you are in a sleep state and you have a vivid dream that is incredibly beautiful and that beauty gives you great pleasure (not necessarily sexual), you might say, “that freaking dream I had gave me great anaesthetic pleasure.” 

Depending on your verbal style and manner, you might choose to substitute a different word for “freaking” in the above example. However, if you want to tell us about your substitution in a comment here, please keep in mind that we try to appeal to a family audience. So, please don’t ask your children what word you should use because they’ll likely give you one we don’t want to use here.

Important note: Anaesthetic refers only to beauty perceived while in a sleep state. If you have a beautiful vivid dream while in an awake state, that is something completely different. You might want to consult a mental healthcare professional about it.

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