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Analgesia (noun) is a term that is typically found only in specialized psychiatry dictionaries and textbooks. But, hey, despite not being a psychiatry dictionary, we here at The Words Project go out of our way to deliver value to you, our loyal reader. That’s just the sort of people we are. No need to thank us. A large cash gratuity, though, would be nice.

Analgesia is a condition wherein the analgesiac (someone who exhibits analgesia or analgesia-like symptoms) is not able to think about anything directly. Instead, they can think only of something that is comparable in significant respects to the subject person, place, thing or action as a surrogate for that subject.

Analgesia can land its sufferers in serious trouble. For example, when speaking about someone who is obese, an analgesiac is only able to refer to, for instance, beached whales rather than using that person’s name, even when the conversation has nothing whatsoever to do with weight. Tragically, this has led to untold deaths by being sat upon when the obese person is not unaware of and, therefore, doesn’t make allowances for the analgesiac’s analgesia.

To date, there are no known organizations anywhere in the world that raise funds for research into the condition, or treatments or help for sufferers of analgesia. There might be some unknown organizations, but, if so, they keep an exceptionally low profile and would probably ask us to respect their privacy if they ever became known to us.

Why are there no such organizations? The widespread, acute stigma attached to analgesia is shameful to the extreme and it has to stop now. Take a stand! Speak out!

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