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Analyst (noun) is a synonym for proctologist, i.e., a doctor who is concerned with what’s going on in your anus (from which the world analyst is derived) and rectum. It’s very important to not confuse an analyst/proctologist with, say, an ear nose and throat doctor. Or, at least if you do confuse the two, insist that your analyst washes his or her hands and puts on gloves before going anywhere near your upper orifices.

Why the world needs two words for the sort of doctor who specializes in staring up your butt is a mystery to us. Are there really that many people eager to do this that they need two words for it to cut down on the lineups of people waiting to sign up for each. Oh, well. Whatever.

We could go on about analysts, but we wouldn’t want to make asses of ourselves. So, that’s enough.

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