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An ancestor is someone who is having sex or has had sex with the body of a close, but dead (dead at the time that sexual intercourse occured) relative. Because it is highly unlikely that The Words Project will survive anywhere near long enough to muck about with the definitions of words beginning with either “i” or “n,” it’s fairly safe to say that an ancestor is someone who practices incestuous necrophilia.

Fortunately, there’s not much call for the use of the word ancestor in society today, which may be why so few people are familiar with its true meaning.


  • Known ancestors are typically shunned in polite company. They are often looked down upon in impolite company as well. Even people who are commonly referred to as the most vile scum of the earth frequently consider themselves to be a significant cut above ancestors.
  • If you are employed and want to continue to be employed or if you’re not employed, but want to be, it’s generally recommended that you don’t tell your employer or prospective employer that you are an ancestor. Better yet, don’t become an ancestor in the first place.
  • Ancestors may be cruelly derided or mocked with epithets such as “Batshit Crazy Uncle Fred” or, possibly, “YUCK!!!

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