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If you read and paid attention to the previous entry in The Words Project (ancestor) you’ll likely have no trouble guessing the definition of the word ancestor. However, because fulfilling either of those conditions—reading or paying attention to the previous entry—would make you pretty much unique in the universe, and you’re probably far too lazy a bastard to go and do that now that we’ve alerted you to the entry for ancestor, we’ll provide the definition here rather than making you do all that work and then hazard a guess.

Ancestry is the act of having sex with the dead body of someone who, in life, was closely related to you by blood. When we say “closely related by blood,” we don’t mean that you shared a common interest in kinky rituals that involved the use of blood, human or otherwise. No. We mean that there was a close hereditary link between you and the deceased.

There. That was pretty sick, wasn’t it? You couldn’t just read the previous entry and guess, could you? You had to make us repeat the perverted details here, didn’t you? Damn. Now we have to take a long, hot shower using a particularly strong soap to wash the feeling of vile filth that has permeated our every pour as a result of that disgusting imagery. Shame on you.

Now, go away and read something else. You’ll need the respite from this garbage.

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