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An andiron is a football field that doesn’t have any yard lines marked on it.

There could be a number of reasons for the lack of lines on the field. For example:

  • The groundskeeper might not have gotten around to it because there aren’t any games scheduled for a while.
  • The groundskeeper was supposed to have already laid down the lines, but before he did he got incredibly, nauseatingly inebriated and was locked up in the drunk tank at the police station for being pissed out of his mind, disorderly and criminally reckless with chalk.
  • The owner of the field was too cheap to spring for lines.
  • The lines were there, but they were stolen and fenced on the blackmarket for the value of the chalk.

Of course, the above are only examples. It doesn’t matter why there are no yard lines. If there aren’t any and it’s intended to be a football field then it’s properly referred to as an andiron. (Contrast andiron with grid iron, the latter of which will likely never be defined by The Words Project.)

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