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An anemometer is a meter that is used to measure anemones. We will not tell you here what an anemone is because that is the next entry and we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

When we say “we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise,” we also mean the surprise for us here at The Words Project as well. We haven’t yet decided what anemone means.

Stay tuned. It probably won’t be long until we post that definition unless, of course, it takes us a while to fabricate something.

If we remember, after we’ve defined anemone and posted that definition we will include a link here. However, don’t count on us remembering because our minds don’t work that way. In fact, they typically don’t work at all. That and we’re lazy. So, between the forgetfulness and laziness it will be a miracle if you ever find a link here. If you do, it might be wise to foolishly start (or continue) believing in the existence of one or more gods because true miracles seldom happen without one. Then again, an infinite number of gods would make miracles next to inevitable. But we digress.

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