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Good grief! Abominable, abominate and, now, abomination! How many variations on this theme does a dictionary need? I’d really rather not make it this easy for readers to tell me what they think of this project and my work on it. An abomination is something worthy of being abominated, i.e., hated intensely. The feeling you […]


If you abominate something you ceaselessly hate it intensely. I feel that way about rice pudding. I’m also not too thrilled about war-mongers, terrorists, murderers, rapists, bigots and telemarketers. But that might be just me. If you’re wondering why this entry is so short, please see abominable.


Abominable means disgusting, very disagreeable, or worthy of hatred. For obvious reasons, I’d prefer to keep this word out of my readers’ vocabulary. So I will say no more about it and hope that everyone misses this entry.