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Jeez, I just get finished tiptoeing around the words abort and abortion due to the explosiveness of many discussions that include those words and I come across another related word, abortive. Fortunately, despite having abort as its root, the word abortive rarely raises ire in people who speak, hear or read it. On the other […]


Well, I’ve stepped into it now, haven’t I? There’s no avoiding it any longer (see abort), is there? I promised to write a commentary on every word in the particular dictionary I’m using for this project and now I’ve gotten to abortion. I’ll do my best not to ignite any civil wars, but I make […]


Ooh. Now we’re getting into a couple of words, abort and abortion, that start some people’s blood boiling, aren’t we? I’m bound to piss off one half of the population or the other, aren’t I? Maybe I can shoot for both halves just to be fair. I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to write […]