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Abrasive is an adjective meaning irritating or tending to cause irritation. It’s also a noun meaning something that has a surface suitable for grinding something to rough it up, smooth it out, or polish it up. When used as an adjective, you could say that, for example, sandpaper and emery boards are abrasive. But it’s […]


When you are walking on a busy sidewalk, minding your own business, has anyone carrying a large, solid package with hard, sharp edges ever scraped the package forcefully against your arm? If so, I’m really sorry about that. It wasn’t on purpose. I don’t pay nearly enough attention when I’m walking. Instead, my mind is […]


Important note to any hairstylists who are illiterate: Abrade is not an alternate spelling of “a braid.” Then again, if you’re illiterate, you aren’t reading this. So, never mind. On second thought, maybe someone is reading this to you. If so, take note. Far from having anything to do with hair, to abrade something is […]