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Absorb, absorbent, absorbing and now absorption. I’m getting tired of all of these absorb derivatives. They are starting to absorb too much of my time. You’ll be happy to know—or, even if you won’t be happy to know, I certainly am—that I took a sneak peak further down in my dictionary and there are none […]


At the risk of being too obvious, absorbent means having the ability to absorb a liquid. According to the dictionary I’m using, absorbent can also be spelled absorbant. However, the spell-checker on the word processing software I’m using, Pages, disagrees. They’ll have to fight that out between themselves. As for me, I wish that all […]


Absorb has a lot of uses. For example, it can mean to incorporate into a greater whole. An example of this usage might be, “The huge corporation absorbed one of its competitors and fired all of the former competitor’s employees. Bastards!” Of course, that would come from a left-winger. A right-winger might say the same […]