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I wrote a lengthy entry on abstract two words ago. Then I got thrown off by the word abstracted, thinking it was closely related to abstract when it’s not. Now here I am at abstraction, which is related to both abstract and abstracted. Well, this entry will probably be short. One meaning of abstraction is […]


Oh, marvelous. After I’ve written a lengthy entry on abstract I get to abstracted. I should have looked ahead in the dictionary. If I’d known abstracted was coming up I probably could have saved some of the material from abstract and thrown it in here to make this look entry meatier than it’s going to […]


Isn’t it ironic that the dictionary is so precise about specific uses of the word abstract? I’m not sure. I won’t get to the word ironic for years. But all kidding aside (What do you mean you’ve never noticed any attempts at humor here? Shut up!), the dictionary I’m looking at has three entries for […]