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One definition of academy is an institute of higher learning. OK. Fair enough. An academy can also be an organization dedicated to a single profession that accepts as members only people working in that profession. It likely accredits people in that profession, promotes the profession, recognizes achievements—possibly individual and group achievements—within the profession, or possibly […]


When I saw academician appear right after academic in my list of words to comment on I thought, “Great, this will be easy. Academician is a synonym for the noun usage of academic, right? I can just say, “see academic,” make some lousy joke about my laziness (I always aim for something above lousy in […]


The word academic can be used to mean scholarly, learned, or related to higher learning or an institute of higher learning. There is another adjective meaning of academic, but more about that in a moment. When used as a noun, academic refers to a person who is a teacher and/or researcher at an institute of […]