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An administrator is some one who administrates. Wow, who would have thunk it? My thesaurus lists manager as a synonym for administrator. Well, maybe, but to my mind an administrator is a notch below a manager. After all, who manages the administrators? That would be a manager, of course. I suspect that thesaurus entry was […]


Administrative is an adjective that means that the noun being modified has something to do with the process of administration. (See administer and administration.) For example, an administrative task is a task involved in administering a business, which probably involves considerable shuffling of paper or its electronic equivalent. Likewise, an administrative job is one that […]


In one of its definitions, the word administration means the executive branch of a government. What I find shocking is that, in a 2011 survey, only 38 percent of Americans were able name the three branches of the American government. I’ve visited the U.S. many times—it’s a great country—but I’m not now, nor have I […]


Administer has a few meanings. In the medical field it means to supply or apply a treatment. For example, you can administer drugs to a patient. However, if you do so without a medical license you could end up in jail. You’ve been warned. Administer also means to manage and control the affairs of a […]