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In the entry on the word advert, in which I noted that advert was a shorter version of the word advertisement and a longer version of the word ad, I said I was going to hold off on saying more in that entry so I could save it up for when I got to its […]


Anyone who doubts that our society is highly commercialized should consider the following: ad, advert and advertisement are all perfectly acceptable synonyms for each other. Whatever the occasion, there’s a version of the word that perfectly suits your needs because you can never talk enough about advertising. Feeling verbose? Use advertisement. It’s a lengthier, ever […]


Ad is short for advertisement. Unlike other abbreviations, ad is a perfectly acceptable word without the normal indication of an abbreviation, namely a period after it. An ad can appear on television, on the radio, in a newspaper, a magazine, on a billboard, on a bus shelter, or just about anywhere else, including on a […]