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Aforesaid is a synonym of aforementioned. Aforementioned was the previous entry in this project. You would think that this would provide me with an obvious practical example of the two words. I could simply say, “Aforesaid is a synonym of aforementioned. To get a better understanding of the word aforesaid please see the aforementioned definition […]


Aforementioned means mentioned before. You use it to indicate that the person, place, thing or activity you are talking about (or, more commonly, writing about) is the same one as you were talking about earlier (or, more commonly, had written about earlier in the same screed). For example, if you publish a blog that is […]

above mentioned

Above mentioned is two words, not one. This makes me wonder why it needs to be in the dictionary at all. Above mentioned means that which was mentioned above. Duh. To my mind, that doesn’t need a dictionary entry. It’s self-explanatory. If some people can’t figure it out, don’t let them get away with being […]