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Now I’m really starting to get pissed off. A few entries ago I complained about ah and aha being in the dictionary because I don’t consider them to be words, but rather sounds that one makes in certain circumstances. And now we get to ahem, the sound one makes when one clears one’s throat. According […]


Jeez! If you want to know what I have to say about the “word” aha, please read the entry on the “word” ah. You’ll figure it out. My dictionaries tell me that aha is used to indicate the experiencing of surprise, derision, amused discovery and satisfaction, among other emotions. Aha! Enough said.


Get real! Why is ah in the dictionary? Ah isn’t a word. It’s a sound. Sure, it’s used in literary works, but it’s used to indicate a sound that people make. Why not also include eeeaaAAACKKEEECKEEECK in the dictionary? That’s the sound people make when they achieve an orgasm. What? You’ve never heard anyone make […]