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air lane

An air lane is the course regularly followed by airplanes. It’s probably just because I’m not now, nor have I ever been a pilot, but the fact that there are air lanes has always seemed bizarre to me. Airplanes fly through the air. It’s not as if they need to follow a well-maintained roadway. I […]


Despite what it might sound like, an airfield is not a field somewhere in the atmosphere above ground-level. If, based on the word’s constituent parts, air and field, that’s what you thought it meant then I strongly recommend that you consider honing your critical thinking skills, right after you get some. What the hell would […]


Aircraft, which is both singular and plural, is or are any vehicle or vehicles that is or are capable of flying through the air, with or without the greatest of ease. Just as an aside, I wonder if there are any crafts that are done exclusively with air? If so, wouldn’t they be aircraft was […]