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Alcoholism is a disease, defined as an addiction to alcohol. It can lead to compulsive behavior—sometimes, destructive compulsive behavior—as a result of a dependency on alcohol. Some people’s brain wiring makes them more prone to addictions than others. Unfortunately, they might not be aware that their gray matter chemistry and connections make them more susceptible […]


The word alcoholic can have two meanings as an adjective and one as a noun, although one of those adjective definitions is so closely related to the noun that we might as well consider them as one. One of the adjective definitions of alcoholic is, simply, a substance, usually an edible substance and even more […]


Alcohol. Now that’s a loaded word, isn’t it?’ Speaking purely clinically, alcohol is simply a sort of clear, flammable liquid. And, being even more clinical, it’s an organic compound containing the hydroxyl group, whatever the hell that is. But so few of us are clinical, are we? And, thanks to alcoholic beverages, some of us […]