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This is getting tiresome. The previous entry was on the word aesthetic, in which I had to point out that aesthetic can also be spelled esthetic. The entry before that was on the word aesthete, in which I had to point out that aesthete can also be spelled esthete. Now we get to the word […]


Like aesthete and esthete, in the United States aesthetic can be spelled esthetic. Canada sides with the British on the spelling of the word. Again, I have no idea about the other English-speaking countries, but I assume that they each follow the same rule as they do for aesthete versus esthete, whatever that rule may […]


An aesthete is someone who possesses one or both of two qualities: A deep sensitivity to the beauty in art, nature, and life in general; and/or a professed interest in the arts, but not in political affairs. Here’s what’s interesting about the word aesthete: If a rightwing nut job uses it to describe someone then […]